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“Jesus did not walk on water” Famous prophet drops a bombshell on Christians. Watch video

As many of you are aware, Rhadebelihle has been conducting study about the true Jesus Christ. He revealed last week that Jesus Christ was black, and yesterday that Jesus could not walk on water. "Jesus never walked on water," he stated. They appropriated my original concept and incorporated it into religion. Every day, the sun walks on water.

True, he stated that. According to Rhadebelihle, the myth of Jesus walking on water originated in white people's faith and is not accurate. He argues that white people fabricated numerous aspects of the Bible, such as white Jesus and white Samson. He claims that they were all dressed in black.

Rhadebelihle appears to have a major quarrel with what white Christians believe, since he was recently accusing white people of distorting the Bible and claiming that they are evil. This time, he's made an astonishing statement concerning our own Jesus Christ.

Rhadebelihle is a gifted prophet and preacher from South Africa. Rhadebelihle has devoted his life to assisting individuals who truly seek spiritual guidance. He is likewise committed to deciphering the Bible's hidden meanings.


According to the video above, he stated: "Jesus never walked on water. This is one of the things we must correct, because the system, the religion, and everyone else all lie. The sun was the only thing that walked on water. Every day, the sun walks on water. If you don't believe me, go to the beach and observe the sunrise. You will see that the sun, not Jesus, walks on water; in fact, this theory does not exist. The only thing that can walk on water is the sun, which is doing so right now.

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