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Stop Telling Us What Your Pastor Said When You Come To The Hospital For Treatment - Nurse Warns

The introduction of spiritual matters eliminates every particle of common sense and allows the African brain to fall prey to gullibility.

Even though spirituality is vital in our lives, we must recognize that becoming too caught up in spiritual concerns might cause us to become distracted from matters that require common sense.

"Don't use prayers where common sense is required," as the adage goes.

Nurses and medical professionals should not be informed of what their pastors have said, according to a professional nurse, so that they can effectively carry out their medical responsibilities. Patients at various hospitals have acquired a propensity for advising medical employees how to execute their responsibilities based on directions from their pastors rather than just allowing them to accomplish the tasks for which they were taught, according to Nana Yaa Ntiriwaa, a nurse.

She emphasized that even pastors pay attention to medical staff and specialists when they (pastors) visit hospitals or medical facilities for medical treatment.

"There is time for everything," says ecclesiastical scripture in the Bible, "and God and your pastor are the authority in the Church." As a result, we deduce that everything has its place, and as a result, we must agree that everything has its time and place in the hospital.

On her Facebook page, the Nurse wrote the following: "When you visit the hospital, I believe it's past time for you to stop saying things like "my pastor said this, my pastor said that." When your pastors come here for treatment, they do exactly what we tell them."

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Nana Yaa Ntiriwaa


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