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Do these anytime your life comes under demonic attack

For we don't wrestle against flesh however against realms, against powers, against the rulers the dimness of this age,against profound host of insidiousness in magnificent (Eph 6:12) But the book of scriptures guarantees us of our triumph through the blood of Jesus (Rev 12:11) 

Do this Confessions any time you sense that you enduring an onslaught or awful dreams; 

- for the sake of Jesus I admit my Sins and request absolution .I pardon the people who have trespassed against me from the past through to this second. 

- I argue the blood of blood of Jesus over any wrongdoings carried out by our folks and precursors. I drop through the blood any sinister contracts, arrangement, exchanges,vows or exchanges made over my lives,bodies,souls and situation. 

- I announce that I am reclaimed from the hand of Satan by the blood of Jesus. I announce that every single Satanic privileged position, special raised areas, Dominions, Principalities, Power leaders of murkiness, Spiritual host of fiendishness and all Satanic works have no force or Authority over me;I pronounce that Satanic badgering and terrorizing effectsly affect me. 

- I order that each planting of the foe will be pulled out of my live and the live of my affection ones. I capture every single Satanic Projection, red hot darts,arrows, black magic exercises and soulish supplications in Jesus Name 

- I pronounce that the foe is for all time denied admittance into my lives and fate .I take and keep up with my position situated in Jesus in sublime places and fallen angel is under my feet .I stroll in the domain, force and God's prophetic reason Now!! 

- I proclaim that what was composed of me in the volumes of the books:my prophetic predetermination and purposes will be satisfied now right away or obstruction. I proclaim that heavenly planning key relationship, Open entryways and favor in high places will show persistently in my lives 

- I order Divine answer for each issue in my lives to show. I order each Satanic secret cycle and instrument to be for all time uncovered, decoded and annihilate through the blood of Jesus 

- I pronounce that each legality,technicality, law and judgment gave against me in the domains of the spirits be toppled. I order a directive and controlling request be given and authorized against the demonstration of unfairness and badgering 

- I proclaim I will not kick the bucket however I will live to announce crafted by the Lord in Jesus Name 

Yell a major Amen in the event that you accept!!!

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