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OPINION: Expert Advise On How To Get Rid Of Demons

If you believe you have demons, you may feel terrified and helpless. But you have the ability to reclaim your power. Many religious groups and spiritualists believe that demons are empowered by negative energy. Controlling your negative energy, thoughts, and emotions is a simple way to fight back. You can also expel demons from your home with a few simple tools and rituals. You can keep demons away from yourself and your home by following these simple rituals.

1. To expel demons, burn sage.

Make sure all the doors and windows are open to allow the demons to escape, then light the sage and let it burn for 30 seconds before extinguishing the flame. Allow the sage to smolder and the smoke to purify the space of negative energy.

Waft the smoke into the room's corners, including nooks and crannies, to prevent negative energy from accumulating there.

If you are unable to smoke in your home or apartment, add a few drops of white sage essential oil to a spray bottle of water and mist the room.

2. Say a prayer to drive the demons away.

Whatever religion you follow, praying aloud can help you get rid of them. Repeat the prayer as you move around the area to drive out the demons.

Psalm 23 is a popular verse to recite to expel demons and radiate positive energy.

Chant your own prayer or mantra, repeating a positive intention and banishing any demons. For instance, you could say, "No demons are welcome in this space; I command you to leave." This is a place filled with light and love.

3. Spritz holy water all over your house.

Many people believe that holy water can drive demons away. Please contact your local church and request a bottle of holy water. Sprinkle some of the water around your house, paying special attention to the corners and windows.

4. Hire a professional to assist you in exorcising the demons.

If you are unable to drive the demons away on your own, you can seek the assistance of a priest or spiritual healer. They can come to your home or meet with you to discuss potential causes and solutions.

A priest or healer, for example, may be able to pray over you to help you exorcise your demons.

Look for professionals in your area online, but be wary of scams. Don't give them any money until you're sure they've exorcised your demons.

5. Avoid watching or listening to negative films or music in your home.

If demons feed on negative energies, then violent movies, music, graphic art, and other forms of negative expression can attract and feed them. Maintain a negative energy-free environment in your home.

Play happy music and display art that moves you in a positive way to keep your home and space full of kind and good energy.

6. Cleansing crystals should be charged under a full moon.

Many people use crystals to cleanse themselves of negative energy. Crystals are said to absorb energy and "recharge" when placed in the light of a full moon. They can then be placed around the house to repel negative energy, which can aid in the exorcism of demons.

Place the crystals on a windowsill or outside in the moonlight.

Kyanite, selenite, obsidian, hematite, and desert rose are the best crystals for clearing negative energy.

7. Sprinkle salt in the corners of your home and around your doorway.

For thousands of years, different cultures have used salt to ward off evil spirits. To keep demons from returning and settling in, sprinkle salt in all of your home's corners as well as the entrance. Replace the salt every couple of months to ensure that there is always a small amount present.

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