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PRAYER: Lord, I Want The Opportunity To Do Bigger Things In Life From Today

Elisha asked for the chance to do more work than his instructor had when he demanded Elijah's double unction. Elijah's reply to his request is as follows: "When he stated, You asked a difficult question, it would be for you if you saw me when I was taken from you, but if not, he would not." Elijah answered his request. (2 Chr. 2:10) 2 Chr.

One crucial conclusion to this remark is that every God child who asks God to receive more of his gifts and blessings is in fact requesting bigger duties. In order to ask a double amount of Elijah's spirit, the prospective prophet had a lot of trust. Similarly, we must have confidence in ourselves that we can do more than Christ did. There could be no chance that Elisha would receive the uncleanness for larger works. As a result, he kept his teacher in close attention and followed him. They were separated by a chariot and burning horse, while they walked and spoke. Elisha saw and yelled, pointing out that he saw all things and met the criterion of Elijah. He threw off his clothes and took Elijah's mantel as he was brought into heaven, showing that he was ready for the new life of greater struggle to swap his old robes for a new one.

For you, I have joyful news; a bigger prophet came upon the ground than Elijah, and his name is the Living Son of God Jesus Christ. By dying for our sins, he came to save us from all kinds of damnation. The Bible says that He went to heal all the oppressed by the devil and to do good (Acts 10:38). So, as Elisha did with Elijah, you have to decide to follow Him through, that you can do what Elisha did and much more than He did. In order to draw closer to him, it is not optional to do the will of Jesus Christ. The tremendous things of Elisha's life, after receiving a double portion of the spirit of Elijah, had to be realized by other prophet sons, and all bowed to it. Those who pledge their lives to Christ will experience more deeply, because devils start to surrender themselves to them. This is only one of the Lord's numerous promises (Mark 16:17-18).

What is expected of us is that we remain in him and follow his way of life, even though it is suffering for him, and the notions he has gotten from his Father. Peter 2:21 says, "You are called even here: for Christ also has suffered for us, setting us an example to follow him;"

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