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Twitter reacts to a disturbing video of a pastor hitting the church members with a belt (Video)

The video of a pastor hitting his church members is making rounds on social media platforms. Nowadays pastors make people do the unthinkable, some are making their church members eat the grass, and some are making their church members gulp down alcohol, to name a few.

In the the video that was shared by a Twitter user who goes by of 'The lord of the wings', it can be seen that this pastor made his church members to kneel down so he could go around hitting them on their back "Go to church they say" said this Twitter user who shared this video. Watch the video here: ( More Twitter users reacted to this video of a pastor hitting his grown church members like this. Many Twitter users were saying this is scary "This is my first! These churches are quite scary" said a Twitter. "This is terrible" said another Twitter user. Some Twitter users were wondering why those people are not leaving this church "I will resign from that church with imitate effect" said a Twitter user.

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