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At what Level are you in?

As a man of God, you must reach that level that Apostle Paul spoke about when he said, ‘It is parents who have to save up for children, not children saving up for parents.’ 

If we can understand what the Apostle Paul taught, we will go far. He was not even teaching them how to give. If one does not reach that level, one will operate with strategies in their ministry. The problem is people work without the principle that I am talking about now. And that is why one will come and say, ‘Man of God my ministry is struggling’.

What level are you in? If God choses you to work for Him, everything is covered, despite what you are going through.  

You come presenting burdens; it means you have not reached that level. You teach people that they must cast their burdens unto Jesus, but you come carrying burdens yourself.  

It means one has not reached that level that I am talking about now, you moved eyes away from Christ Jesus. 

“I resort to know nothing amongst you expect Christ crucified…” – [ 1 Corinthians 2: 2].

What level are you in? If you teach people how to give; if you are at that level, you do not become a burden and you will never become a burden to them because if you reach that level, you are a parent saving up for children, not children saving up for their parents.  

Remember Jesus said to “Peter, do you love me” three times and Peter cried. And on the same [2 Corinthians 12] with the Apostle Paul, when he pleads with God thrice and said take this thorn away from me but God said “My Grace is sufficient”. You see with Jesus, He does not have to come and ask him do you love Me? If you are ready to carry the trouble in a manner that Christ expects from you, then God will be happy with you! 

[Scripture reading 2 Corinthians 12: 11]

So you must understand who you are with. He understood his position, He understood the level that he is in. He said that I was never a burden unto you. And some people are burdens and they come carrying burdens, man of God. I think it is hitting a lot. 

Now I am ready to visit you three times. Peter do you love Me, something gets opened at the end. At the end you cry and you realise something. Peter, do you love Me? – then feed them and take care of them. 

Where is your love? Now I am ready to visit you for the third time. I will not be a burden to you because what I want is not your possessions but you. There are people who cry, do you love me. If I love you more will you love me less? 

I want us to get this one; sometime you see people not giving, your love is not more towards them – it means your love has not reached that level. For people to give in your in church you must reach that level of ‘the breadth, the length and height’ of the love of God where you can do all things’. And people will begin to see the love in you and the Christ in you. It is impossible for them to love you less. They will end up crying because they will realise that they have wronged you.  

That is what the father of the prodigal will do; he will never go looking for the son. Many people serve God in ministries and they become a burden. It has long been a mess and realise this too late. The Father love the son so much that if the son decide to leave, the Father will not go to look for him, what will bring the son back is when the son remember the love of the Father.

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