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Was Jesus A Politician? Let's Read The Facts

When Jesus was living amongst the Israelites. They fought his mission as a promised Messiah was to take Israel out of Roman rule. But we are very surprised the way he did things when he met politicians. One day when he was attending a synagogue in Galelia. He met a multitude of people who forced him to be their king. The Bible said Jesus was pushed near a hill. The crowd wanted to push him down the hill. But it's said Jesus just moved through the crowd like nothing is happening. The motive to kill him was because he refused to become their leader. This was because Jesus showed the capabilities of feedingg people and and healing them.

Why was Jesus refusing to be a politician?

Picture a scene from the year 32 C.E. It is late in the day. Jesus, the foretold Messiah, has already won great renown for healing the sick and even resurrecting the dead. Today, he has awed a crowd of theocracyusands by performing powerful signs and by sharing teachings of God. Now he divides the hungry people into smaller groups. He prays to Jehovah and miraculously feeds them all. Then, to avoid waste, he collects the leftovers. How do the people react?​—John 6:1-13.

Well, after seeing Jesus’ miracles and his skillful leadership in managing the crowds and caring for their needs, the people conclude that Jesus would be a perfect king. (John 6:14) Their response is not surprising. Remember that they were desperate for a good, effective ruler; their beloved homeland was under the oppressive rule of a foreign power. So they put direct pressure on Jesus to join in the political process. With that background in mind, consider his reaction.

Instead of Jesus jumping up and down in happiness he never did that instead he went into the mountains to be alone and pray his father as John 6:15 says. He never imagined himself using his greatest power fighting the Romans to give back rule to the Israelites. Jesus knew his humility values were going to change. He knew Greed was going to be part of his.

Since he was powerful he knew he was going to have the urge to be like his father Jehovah and rule the world. But Jesus never forgot his duty he was sent to do. His role in this world was to give human beings an everlasting life as said in the verse of John 3:16.

Why was he choosing neutrality?

When Jesus was with his father in heaven he saw all the human rule falling and others coming but all of them made people to suffer. He saw humans dominating others to injury as Eccletians 8:9 says. Indeed everyone in this world has suffered a lot under a human rule. From South Africa to America. All human beings are not happy with the human rule.

As a result Jesus has told all Christians not to be part of this world as he was not part of any political movement as John 17:16 states.

Today in our countries or any part of the world people have tried to have leaders like Jesus but the world has never found such a leader. Instead our leaders have made people unemployed. In politics people are dying.

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