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MphoWaBadimo celebrates her ancestral spirits birthday

Mphowabadimo is Big Brother Mzansi season 3 winner and a sangoma. It was what made her stand out, knowing she has a higher purpose but had to place it aside to pursue her dreams. Her ancestors allowed her to be able to do this for 71 days in the house and it paid off big time.

She took to her Twitter earlier this morning to celebrate her ancestral spirit.

Mpho is a healer by trade and had taken time off in July to be able to focus on her spiritual side. She has since started to return to social media and become more active. This morning, she took to her Twitter to celebrate Gogo Nkomyahlaba and wrote, "⭐️05 Aug 1914 #NKOMYAHLABA. Your spirit lives on dlozi…….🕯🙏🏾✨"

If you are unaware, when you have an ancestral calling it is because a member of your bloodline that was once a sangoma calls you to the same purpose. This spirit becomes your guide and it is how you are referred to as when you are doing spiritual work. For example Mpho is called "Gogo Nkomo" but outside of her "ndumba" or healing hut, she is still called by her name.

Her fans took to their own social media to celebrate Gogo Nkomyahlaba.

One user wrote, "Happy birthday Gogo Nkomo and Thank you for allowing yourself to be reborn through Mphowabadimo because the wisdom you both carry surpasses this world...Advocate of Idlozi #NKOMYAHLABA"

While another user wrote, "We are grateful to Gogo Nkomo for the gift that is Mphowabadimp. Happy birthday to #NKOMYAHLABA"

For me, it is always so interesting to learn more about ancestors and callings. Seeing young sangoma's speak openly about their journey is quite inspiring. I feel most time people fear what they don't know, but once you're not ignorant about it anymore, you actually learn. There is so much more than I'm ready to find out more about.

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