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Knowing The Desires of God's Heart

I am often asked ‘why should we pray’, After all does God not know all things? Him being the all omniscient God, surely He knows my needs. To speak thus actually reveals our misunderstanding of who God really is and that of His true nature and character. God does know all things. He knows our needs and our desires. But do we know His desires and His heart. To put God first is to know the very heart of God. The desires that you now have are never has important as the desires and plans that God has. To pray is come to God and surrender your plans and your desires for His. 

Going to God has never been about the blessing of one’s own desires unless those desires have been put there by the Lord in the first place. The key is to receive from Him that which He so desires. Has this not so stalled the consistency of many a prayer life. The desire to please God springs from the salvation of the spirit. Our souls are often in opposition to the work of the Holy Spirit.   

Let's Pray!

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