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How you can know you have the spirit of poverty in your life

What is the function of the spirit of poverty?

God's people are deceived, deluded, and blinded by it. It obscures God's truth with lies straight from the enemy–lies that claim that poor is somehow better, or poor is more holy, or poor is.. (insert anything good here).

It frequently acts in tandem with pessimistic spirits. The devil will do everything he can to bring you down.

Below are signs that you have the spirit of poverty:


People with a poverty mindset are continually concerned about the future. Everything they do is motivated by their concern for the future.

Their accumulating, wanting more and more, and storing is all motivated by a fear of the future.

They are continually concerned about their stores, bank accounts, lands, cars, houses, clothes, shoes, phones, and other valuables, because their treasure and thus their hearts are there.

Worrying about tomorrow is a spirit that is opposed to Jesus Christ.

2. Constantly seeking more

These folks with a poverty spirit are continually yearning for more and more because they are not contented and content.

They start seeking for another employment as soon as they get a job.

They start looking for another house as soon as they have one.

They start shopping for another car as soon as they have one.

When they purchase a phone, they immediately begin browsing for another.

Always chasing money, money, money and worldly riches, they, like their predecessors, grandfathers, mothers, and others, die in poverty despite having spent their lives chasing these phantoms.

3. Unsatisfied and dissatisfied

A person with a poverty mindset is dissatisfied with their current situation.

If they have a house, they want another; if they have a car, they want another; if they have money in their hands, they want more; if they have a husband or wife, they want other/more men and women, and so on.

Discontentment is a spirit of Satan, a sign of poverty, and a rebellious spirit against God — since Jesus Christ is a God of contentment.

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