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Ancestors preparing you for your final ceremony

Ancestors preparing you for your Final Ceremony!

I mentioned before the categories of our Ancestors and the first steps of our Initiation that lead us to cleansings. that will help us connect with these Ancestors and Universal Spirits depending on which they want to open the way for others.

They take us step by step teaching us their ways and who they are. Because when we reach our Final Ceremony we are supposed to know who is who and what they do.

They may show us our Final Ceremonies in advance, but it does not mean we are ready for them and we need to wait for for their green light.

When you are ready you should be knowing your Ancestry in and should be knowing the Universal Spirits you are connected to and what they have blessed you with.

if you have whistlers they must be activated and working; your third eye must be activated and you must have fetched spiritual bag .

You must be definitely knowing consult the way your Ancestors want you to do your divination. and not everyone is meant to use bones .

Your Ancestors must have shown you how your Final Ceremony must be conducted their OWN WAY and not the teachers way.

This is how you see you are ready for your Final Ceremony. and it's called Final Ceremony because you must have done everything your Ancestors wanted you to do. (went through their Initiation Process their OWN WAY).

That is why this is called a Graduation Ceremony because your Ancestors are endorsing you that you have done what they wanted you to do and after the endorsement your ways are clear.

Its sad these days that people reach this stage not knowing whether they are coming or going. but still continue then sit down and be stuck because what their Ancestors wanted to happen did not happen.

There is NO WAY you can be stuck after you have done what your Ancestors wanted you to do and being stuck is a sign of having done things the wrong way..

You do what your Ancestors want then they make you graduate to reach your destiny!

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