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Road Accident

Few days after buying a new Car this happened, could this be witchcraft


Living Ekasi is one of the worst feeling ever especially after getting a new job. Friends and family members will start to demand your time as if you should prioritize them than your job. Then the next thing is that they will start to call you names. Claiming that since you found work you don't give them credit. As if you need to be stuck in one area without making new friends.

A young man on Twitter shared pictures of what happened to his car few days after he bought it. It is alleged that he would sit with the guys and have drinks together. Under the day God answered his dreams. People around him started thinking otherwise, majority felt that he has changed. Until the day he realized that something is not right around his cycle.

Young man decided to distance himself from few people he said. Without knowing that doing so is one of the worst attempt he could ever think of. Few days after buying himself a new car he found himself in a horrific accident which almost claimed his life. Could this mean he was Bewitched by his roundings or it's just an accident. Leave your comments below and please share the article.

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