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10 Most Dangerous Countries For Christains In 2022

It might be difficult to determine whether Christianity is legal or illegal in a certain country. This misperception is caused by two factors. To begin with, the laws are complex and frequently appear to be in conflict with one another. Furthermore, regimes that restrict religious freedom are also the most secretive and/or dishonest when it comes to discrepancies between the letter of the law and its actual application.

Religious freedom is guaranteed in North Korea's constitution, but it also specifies that "religion shall not be used as a pretext for drawing foreign soldiers or causing damage to the State or social order." The government has built one of the world's most religiously intolerant regimes using these broad criteria. While the constitution of Afghanistan declares Islam to be the official religion, it also allows individuals of other faiths to worship "within the law."

However, such "legal limitations" make it illegal to express one's Christian beliefs, criticize Islam, or publish material that contradicts Islamic principles. Converting from Islam to another faith is also punishable by imprisonment, confiscation of property, or even death.

10 Most Dangerous Countries for Christians (2022 Open Doors USA)

1. Afghanistan

2. North Korea

3. Somalia

4. Libya

5. Yemen

6. Eritrea

7. Nigeria

8. Pakistan

9. Iran

10. India

What does it mean to say that Christianity is forbidden? The severity of the laws (and the consequences for breaching them) varies by country. It usually means that Christians are unable to gather in churches to worship together. They are also forbidden from openly displaying their beliefs, teaching the gospel, or persuading others to accept it. It frequently means that even possessing a Bible or discussing Christianity with family members, even in the privacy of one's own home, can result in imprisonment or execution.


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