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Makandiwa's occultic origin exposed as he allegedly reported to be a niece to Tsikamutanda

I've seen individuals charging prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa for utilizing mischievous forces, however this one will be one of its own. This is barely mind boggling. As we realize that the prophet, Emmanuel Makandiwa is a from Muzarabani, where Tsikamutanda himself is coming from. 

This person Tsikamutanda for the people who don't have any acquaintance with him, he is one of the most remarkable conventional witch specialist in Zimbabwe. He used to move from one town to another managing witches, specifically a large portion of individuals they know him since he was managing just black magic in the towns. 

He would accompany a unique pole, an individual would be approached to step on it or a line drawn by it and in case you are a witch, you will start to consume and admitted all that you have done. 

Individuals that you have a killed and entranced it will all come out. So this person used to be called even by herder and Chiefs in various towns, or various locale. They would request him to deliver his administration from eliminating black magic from the space. So we realize the he is coming from a similar region where prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa was conceived, however at that point reports are coming out like you see underneath that, he is the uncle to prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa. 

It very well may be valid, it additionally could be obviously false, yet whichever it is, that doesn't imply that prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa's force came from his supposed uncle regardless of whether they are connected. 

I don't believe that it is sufficient evidence to ensnare the righteous man that, his force isn't from God. I don't imagine that is sufficient proof to ensnare prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa and naming him as a local specialist and not a prophet. 

This person that is revealing said, they had one-on-one with this specific witch-specialist who is currently carrying out his punishment in jail. He informed him regarding his supposed niece prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa that he has begun a congregation, and the supposed uncle answered back saying, "how can he start a congregation since he is a local specialist. He had quite recently a rebrands yet he is a local specialist. 

So it seems as though he clarified how he Makandiwa has begun and how he intended to rebrand to a congregation, so he can plunder huge amount of cash from individuals. So in a genuine impact as indicated by him it was never about serving God, it was tied in with having more ways of bringing in cash. 

We should appeal to God for the workers of God, Satan is all out with his kin attempting to obliterate them. All things considered Satan isn't against them, he is against the congregation, giving us over to be abused, may the Lord help us. 

Uncovering Makandiwa's Occultic Origins (ep 58) 

Prior to following these prophets if it's not too much trouble, really take a look at their experience data - what they are accustomed to and how they began, don't be tricked by the expressive addresses and extravagant suits its all a mask , the vast majority of you are in occultic houses of worship and you don't have a clue. 

Everybody began knowing Makandiwa from the AFM time however... 

The person that knows Makandiwa's actual history is in Chikurubi Maximum Prison "his uncle" and he is as yet in dismay right now when individuals let him know that Benji Bvudzijena who currently has rebranded to " Emmanuel Makandiwa" is doing church things. 

Nobody thinks about this piece of the set of experiences aside from the uncle that is still in prison..don't be stunned if that uncle will be ended after this post. 

Makandiwa and his uncle got going as "Tsikamutanda's" and prior to going to Muzarabani his fundamental headquarters was in then his business trademark was Benji Bvudzijena. 

Makandiwa I N'anga Zvayo, first degree...Christianity was only a method of him rebranding so he can plunder additional cash from the advanced profound customers...back then him and his uncle used to get compensated with live stock in the wake of performing ceremonies. 

Makandiwa's progress from his Tsikamutanda's training was only a way of growing his extent of formal practices. 

UFIC individuals kindly don't be resolved, release yourselves from the spells of Benji Bvudzijena, you have all been started and you are unconscious. 

You will think this is a paranoid notion, yet this data is direct and extremely precise from an exceptionally close source that I can't mention..the source needs to leave the congregation likewise however he/she fears for his/her life. 

Makandiwa is the most over the top insidious and cutthroat soul that lives on this earth...I know when his authority will interrogate him concerning this story he will say the uncle is intellectually upset 😬 

The Story Of Mai Praise coming up straightaway... 

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