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Three Things To Remember When Facing Difficulty in Life

 Sometimes we feel that life has always been against us, or that life is designed to hurt us all the time. Failures, addictions, setbacks, health problems and financial problems, do people always see you as a complete failure? Remember, God did not leave you, and here are three things to always remember when you are depressed and overwhelmed. 



 1. God loves you: When the going gets tough it can be easy to feel lonely or to feel lonely, but God does. He takes care of your sadness and difficulties. He takes care of your problems. Why? Because God loves you. 


 Even if it doesn't work in your favour, you can hope in God. God does not promise that He will solve our problems in the immediate sense. We will experience pain, suffering and sadness. God hurts when you suffer because He loves you. He is always there to comfort you with his inexhaustible love as he presents his struggles to you. 



 2. Be patient: Although patience is not an easy virtue to look at, s it takes little patience for God's miracles to happen, no time is too late and no situation is too difficult for God to handle. He works in up infinite ways, in ways that no one ever thought possible, God in his infinite power has infinite possibilities to solve our problems. With patience and perseverance in good faith, God will deliver you from all your struggles. 



 3. Never doubt God: always remember that God's words are true and that His words are never unfulfilled or useless, always remember that God is always ready to fulfil His words and it is only a matter of time until God loves a soul that never doubts His words. If you carefully support God with your words and never doubt, God will always come for you. 

 In summary, when you are going through difficult or difficult times, always remember that God remembers you, makes things happen to test your faith in Him: stay strong, trust Him, pray, and look negatively. Things become wonders in your life.

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