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Chaos At Church: Pastor Manhandled In Full View Of Church Members During A Service [Video]

Church is a place where people go to find peace and if they have problems, they know that after a service, they might have found some sort of a way to deal with what is troubling them or a solution, they meet from different families with different attitudes and manners, it is literally suppose to be a peaceful place where people find joy and never ever hold grudges against each other, love is suppose to be the order of the day at all times no matter what, but the church members of this particular holy house of the Lord were doing the exact opposite of what should be done at church.

A few months ago, South African people were left in disbelief when a video emerged on social media where a pastor from a particular church produced a knife at church and started chasing a member, he was also swearing at the other guy while chasing him with intentions to stab him, another church has hit social media pages after there was some sort of a fight between the pastor and some church members.

On the video, church members and the pastor from this unnamed church were surely going through some challenges which they could not come to a conclusion, they then had to use physical powers to get to the solution, this is one thing which people never expect from any church, people expect that everything is done peacefully at church, but not from this one, they get physical when things are not going well.

On the video, the person who looks like pastor was standing on the pulpit surely about to deliver the sermon when he was literally dragged from the the stage by a group of men who may be the members of the church board, he tried to resists and they pulled him off the pulpit, at some point, he almost threw some blows at one of the men who were pulling him off the pulpit.

The worse part of it all is that this thing was happening in full view of church members, they were singing as if there is nothing wrong while the pastor was being manhandled.


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