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Meet The First & Proudly Man Who Is Traditional Healer & A Pastor In #Amabishop

Meet The First & Proudly Man Who Is Traditional Healer & A Pastor In #Amabishop 

Source: Hashtag #AmaBishop in twitter and Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 157 latest episode

Tonight's panel #AmaBishop is a bunch of smart Africans. It's about time back to our root and embrace our culture and African spirituality. #Amabishop has came with is very interesting today. These two pastors are breaking the wall of ignorance by "Christian people".

Pastor Pride had a calling to go submit to church, What's the difference with those being called to ancestry. Today's topic is on point. There is nothing wrong with taking herbs. Pharmaceutical companies are the once demonizing our african herbs. Jesus used soil to cure blindnes. Learn to read ur Bible

Ancestors are not a matter of belief, you’ve them whether u like it or not, they’re you and you are them. Without their first existence you wouldn't be here, this is not a matter of debate, these are teachings that people should tie them in their heart for daily dose remembrance.

This traditional healer and priest guy is taking sense respect some Christians won't like this ,They believe in bible and never Question it. One of the pastor is saying hat ancestors does not like donkey style. Viewers now wonders who told this pastor that ancestors are against doggy style since he said ancestors are against doggy style?

We should just accept and respect the fact that we believe in different things that’s all not force our beliefs on each other the chat is so powerful yet Civil. The problem is people speak about other people's beliefs with disrespect unprovoked, and when the people who believe in that respond they are called haters.

People should speak about their beliefs all they want, without making fun of others' beliefs. I think we can reach a point where we allow each other to worship whatever works for us without trying to look down on each other's beliefs.

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