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When God opens your spiritual eyes, the first 3 things you will begin to see about human beings.

When used in a biblical context, the term "spiritual vision" refers to the ability given by God to understand truths that are invisible to the naked eye. This unique skill is unique because it allows you to be seen in the veil that separates the physical and spiritual realms. Due to this transformation, the intangible reality of the spiritual world can be seen with the naked eye. 2 Kings 6:16 contains more detailed information about this gift. According to this Bible passage, Elisha prayed to God to open the spiritual eyes of his servant, and God quickly answered his request. Under the watchful eyes of the servants, there are millions of spiritual angel warriors ready to fight, and many more enemy troops. The seven stages of development are characterized by the supernatural ability to see spiritual things. In addition, each level is suitable for observing some extreme reality. According to the Bible, God is composed of seven souls and seven eyes, and each soul has the ability to see the entire world in an instant. (See also Revelation 5:6).

 When God grants this ability to a mortal, he will be moved by one of the seven spirits of God and begin to understand the invisible reality. To be honest, it was scary at first, but over time, the recipient got used to having it. The first three things you will notice today are that you will be surprised by the spiritual gifts you receive. However, after a few days, things will return to normal and your understanding of the facts will deepen. Brother, the world we see is beautiful, but there is a more beautiful world that we can't see with the naked eye, and we can't see it either. Every child of God should fast and pray in order to take this sacred gift seriously. This is a commendable move for you. However, this is a potentially fatal problem. You will panic because of what you observe, which will prevent you from revealing them. However, none of them can hurt you, because the power of God is much stronger than them. You will reach an uncontrollable state.

 Almost suddenly opened the spiritual eye, the first thing that caught the eye was a bright light on the top of the person's head. Everyone, regardless of their religious beliefs, whether it is Christianity, Muslims, Hinduism, Jinbaism, traditionalists, or any other faith, shines brightly on his or her forehead. This light reflects a person's heavenly abilities. Some have more powerful light sources than others. Because the brighter your light, the more God's grace and power you bring to cast out demons from the place you influence. As a result, the Bible declares that you are the light of the universe. The town on the hill is not to be found (Matthew 5:14). The spiritual light shining on your forehead exorcises demons and frees people from spiritual shackles and shackles. On the other hand, some people have slow light that almost goes out. This means that they are living in sin and must repent to light up their light. In addition, some people are completely dark around and cast shadows even during the day. This shows that they have not seen the sun's rays. They desperately need the salvation of Jesus Christ. It is important to share good news information with them.

 The presence of angels is the second thing you start to notice. This lesson will teach you how to distinguish between holy angels and fallen angels. If this talent starts to work in you, it will lead you to different churches, where you can distinguish between holy angels and fallen angels, and demonic souls. Even if you see many angels every day, no one can approach you, because angels are serious beings, and unless you specifically ask them, they won't talk to you. They followed exactly the instructions given to them. If they do not give you, you must ignore them. The most frequently encountered angels are those with two wings and a shield or flaming sword. Their mission is to protect God's people on earth. If you go to church, you will notice a lot; however, don't talk to them; they will not respond, your actions will be regarded as a violation of morality, and heaven will complain that you have wasted gifts for you. All you have to do is to keep quiet and observe the progress of the event. However, you will find that many different guardian angels steal your breath. God is a great builder and architect. He created angels in a wonderful way.

 Pray for this gift and be willing to let go of your hypocrisy. Because witches talk to angels every day and are familiar with angels, and God’s children can’t see angels, they only know that they are dead. If an angel is assigned to take care of your life, your duty is only to obey God's commandments. Mullah pseudonym. Every day, angels will protect you from invisible attackers. To emphasize their unholyness, when looking through the naked eye, your spiritual eye will see that the fallen angel is black. They should not worry about you. They are God's greatest enemy. If you align with God's enemies, God will kill you and you because of your union (Revelation 20:10). In addition, you will notice countless terrible demons lingering around people, especially in the market. These evil spirits completely control people's lives and have the ability to influence them to sin and sin against God. In fact, you can see a different spirit.

 One of the most interesting characteristics of humans is that they divide their bodies in half when he passes by them. You think of everyone as having two different components. With the body, the spirit and the soul will walk with it. No matter what happens to your soul, it will have a direct impact on your body. Everyone is dreaming, this is another reason they believe. You will find your spirit hovering immediately after sleep and returning when you choose to wake up. Pray to protect you from attack. Therefore, keep praying (1 Thessalonians 5:17)

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