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If You Have A This Sings, That Means You Are A Powerful Person And Lucky To Change People Lives

When someone has a calling ,there are signs that happen in his/her life that serves as a confirmation that the ancestors want that person to become a traditional healer. A person might experience problems, or a feeling of loss and a sense of hopelessness. In some cases people feels like they are Loosing their minds or their memory. Their love life is rare to be right and happy. Most people with the calling dream of the sea almost everyday during the early stages of the calling. At first the sea may be cool and calm but as the time goes on and the ancestors become persistent, the sea turns to be aggressive. In some cases a person may dream of ancestors telling him/her to go and bathe in the sea water. Remember that becoming a healer is a calling by powers that are beyond human understanding, so not anyone goes under this but it's only the chosen people may go along this route. 

When you are the chosen on, you have to accept the calling and then listen to the instructions your ancestors give you. If one decides not to accept the calling, they can continue with their lives but may experience a lot of difficulties until such time that the calling comes back to the next generation.

I believe that refusing the calling means that one will not be serving what he/she was born f or in this earth. In the case where one accepts the calling and do what you have to do by following the instructions from your guides and to help people with your gift in the most honest and humble way. Following the instructions simple means you should just listen to your ancestors, in order for the gift of healing to work successfully.

Like everybody else, I also had these signs especially the dreams about the sea or of a half snake half person. We all know that there are people who were chosen to go under water for ukuthwasa. The only problem was that even though I was open minded and accepting about this whole thing, I had never in a million years thought that I could one day become a healer. So when it happened, it took quiet a while for me to accept the reality of what was happening to me. The one thing I have come to understand though about the ancestors/guides is that, they are very possessive and persistent. Once they have chosen you, they will keep on coming until you have accepted the calling.

 They are also very much attached to who and what they were during their time on earth. In my knowledge, the ancestors will only approach or guide people of their own family( blood relatives). I am in no way trying to despite the fact that, other people have guides from a person they had never even met which is called Amandawo or amandiki, people from across the world and from other nationalities . Some times I find myself speaking in another language it depends on who is visiting on that day.


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