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White Pastor Is In Trouble After Doing this to his PA in Church


A pastor at a church in pretoria made headlines on Sunday after it was revealed that he had been fooling around with one of his church members, who also happens to be his personal assistant. The news was revealed by a popular news agency in a social media post.

"I have been reliably informed that the popular white Pastor based in Pretoria who is allegedly involved in an adultery scandal has drafted his wife to attend church tomorrow and defend their marriage. All this as a way to control the damage," said the tweet.

Here are somethings to know about this pastor's shenanigans.

1. It's over 6 months now since the wife left the home they shared together after getting frustrated of the pastors sin.

2. The wife hasn't worn her wedding ring for about 8 years now. Will she wear it tomorrow?

3. The wife was convinced to protect the pastor and church because her children work there.

4. The alleged Pastor's PA mistress, who has a legal qualification is very much aware of the plan.

5. It was initially claimed that the wife wasn't medically fit, why then draft her to save your shame?

6. The wife's photos on the website and social media was deleted.

South African pastors have a reputation of fooling around with their female congregants all in the name of prayer. Some have been taken to court over rape allegations. A few months back, popular bishop, I Makamu was accused of soliciting sexual favours by a young lady whom is is believed worked for him. A video of him was leaked asking the young lady if she would "give him", which when later asked, said that he wanted a set of his office keys from her.

Meanwhile, pastor Sherpard Bushiri has also been accused of rape more than once.


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