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10 Mistakes Every Christian Must Avoid

I've come to realize that life is a product of the decisions we make. In order for me to attain my perfect future, I must make a number of important decisions. In addition, it is important to note that people have been given the power to make decisions.

In this day and age, I have given you the opportunity to choose between life and death, between blessings and curses. Now I'm calling on the entire universe to bear witness to your decision. 'Oh, that you would choose life in order for you and your descendants to survive!' (See Deuteronomy 30:19 for further information.)

1. Wrong company.

'Be on the lookout for being duped: 'Bad company corrupts excellent character.'" (NIV) 1 Corinthians 15:33 is a verse from the book of Corinthians. If you wish to grow in understanding and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, you must surround yourself with like-minded individuals. The help of our steadfast companion, the Holy Spirit, is required in order to recognize this particular group of people.

Many times, our enemy deceives us into believing that we can continue to work in a poor company while still upholding our principles and values. This, on the other hand, does not occur, and it is part of the devil's strategy to derail God's children's progress. When we are in the wrong company, we will get swept away in one way or another and will gradually sink until we are devoured by our acts, if we are not careful.

What is the best way to choose the appropriate company? Many people inquire, and the answer is that you must first comprehend your purpose, then clearly articulate your life objectives, and then seek the Holy Spirit to aid you in discovering those who share your goals and purpose with you.

2. Inefficient utilization of available resources

I wish I'd made other decisions when I was younger, because I regret them now. I wasted a significant amount of time on pointless activities. In retrospect, I wish I had spent more time on things that brought value to my life rather than ones that were purely recreational.

You may argue that God's grace is adequate; indeed, it is, and it can assist you in making up for lost time; nevertheless, consider where you would have begun and where you would be now if you hadn't wasted the time you did in the previous years.

What strategies may I use to avoid engaging in time-consuming activities? Everything you do that takes up a substantial amount of your time must be recorded and audited. Examine how much of your time you spend on social media and other distractions. Make an effort not to engage in unnecessary conversation.

3. Irrational and ignorant disputes

This point may fall under the area of time-wasting activities, but it is important to distinguish between the two. We must avoid discussions that are both useless and unproductive (2 Timothy 2:23). Disagreements waste our time, cause damage to our ideas, and place us in a difficult situation. When you find yourself inclined to get involved in meaningless, stupid discussions, get up and leave the room immediately. If the venue is your phone, put it down and get to work on something more productive instead.

4. Loose conversations.

When we speak of "loose discourse," we are referring to talks that do not have a clear, specific, or positive aim in mind. A lot of talking happens as a result of this, and as we all know, sin abounds when there is a lot of talking (Proverbs 10:19).

Clearly stated in Matthew 15:11, "It is not what goes into your mouth that defiles you, but it is the words that come out of your mouth that contaminate you," our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ explains.

Clearly, the words we speak are more significant than the actions we take with our bodies. As teens, we must exercise caution while making statements. Because the words we use today provide the groundwork for tomorrow's success, they are extremely important.

5. Lust of adolescence

In 2 Timothy 2:22, the apostle Paul advises Timothy to stay away from youthful lusts. To put it another way, the Apostle Paul urged Timothy to abstain from all types of teenage lusts at all costs. All of us have experienced something similar to this at some time in our lives.

Lust is an unpleasant and sometimes destructive yearning for something that is not permitted in society. Furthermore, the term "young lusts" refers to lusts that are focused particularly towards adolescents.

In our lives, we have younger lusts that allude to elements of ourselves that have not yet reached full development. Rather of allowing teenage lusts to seduce us, we must pursue God's righteousness, faith, love, and serenity as an alternative.

6. Blindly following fashion trends

Trend, according to the definition, refers to a "overarching direction in which something evolves or changes." As teens, we are always fighting the temptation to jump on the next craze. We are constantly on the lookout for the most recent fashion trends and what looks to be popular.

I'm not suggesting that following trends is a bad thing in and of itself. In reality, in order to maintain our relevance in our different fields of life, we must be able to successfully adapt, which may entail making adjustments in response to changing circumstances, among other things.

One area in which teens fall short is in following the wrong trend, which, as a result, either produces negative effects or results in outright disobedience to God's word. We must abide by God's word and allow it to guide us in whatever we do in our lives.

7. The practice of sexual immorality

Apostle Paul finishes his epistles with instructions for Christian living on a number of occasions throughout the New Testament, and one of the requirements for living a good Christian life is to "avoid sexual immorality" (1 Thessalonians 4:3, Eph 5:3, Acts 15:29).

When it comes to sexual immorality, why did the Apostle Paul take such a harsh stance? Throughout his letter, he emphasized that sexual immorality was a sin against their own bodies, which served as God's temple. He also reminded the Thessalonians and Ephesians, as well as the Corinthians, that God's Spirit resided within them (1 Corinthians 6:18).

Furthermore, the perfect will of God for the marriage bed is revealed in Hebrews 13:4. It is imperative that everyone respect marriage, and that the marriage bed be kept clean, for God will condemn the adulterous and all sexually immoral individuals (Hebrews 13:4).

Sexual immorality has a negative impact on our bodily, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Human beings were created to be clean in both their physical and spiritual selves. Genesis 2:24–25 mentions that one feature of its purity was the sexual relationship between a husband and wife.

S£x before marriage, in my opinion, messes with our heads and robs s£x of the natural beauty that God intended for it. In our views of s£x, sexual immorality distorts the truth and leads to erroneous judgments.

When we join together in marriage, God intended for the marriage bed to be undefiled in order to prevent our souls from being fractured during the union. Is this implying that those who have had sexual relations outside of marriage are not eligible for monetary compensation?

Without a doubt, there is one! However, God's ideal desire for us is that we remain pure and patiently await the arrival of the man or woman who will be completely worth it.

8. Lack of personal prayer Alter

There is a designated area for corporate prayer, which is when the saints come together to pray to God as a group. On the other hand, having a personal prayer alter, which serves as a meeting place between you and God, as well as a personal prayer closet, is quite beneficial.

On the altar of prayer, you will find God's will for your life expressed. Every young person should establish this as a habit since it will be beneficial to them as they mature. Prayer, in the words of my preacher, "never dies."

In the future, the prayers that are being offered now will be used to fulfill a request that will be made in the present. When the Apostle Paul exhorted Christians to "pray without ceasing," he was absolutely correct.

9. There is a lack of direction.

Discovering our life's purpose early in life allows us to make decisions that will better position us to achieve our goals later in life. We will not take major decisions like who to marry, which religion to join, and even which course to enroll in on the chopping block.

Our ability to be all that God has called us to be, as well as avoid being caught in immature lusts, is enhanced when we discover our life's purpose early in life. Purpose has the advantage of being easily revealed to us by God, who is the provider of all good things in our lives.

10. In order to avoid being idle, engage in godly activities such as attending church, evangelizing, gaining souls for Christ by sharing the gospel, assisting others in their spiritual development, and participating in community activities.

I hope you found this post to be quite informative. These are the things that I wish I had done really well when I was a young adult. However, it is not too late for me, and it is not too late for you, too, my dear buddy. The moment has come to make a difference. Let us purify ourselves of all wrongdoing so that we can be helpful to God and ready to carry out any good job that comes our way. God bless you.

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