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South African young famous prophet who was well-known after his prophecy of Shona Ferguson's death and xenophobic attack in our country, is giving away blessings to everyone who needs them on Twitter.


Rhadebelihle is a young famous prophet in South Africa who always warn us about many things before they happen, he once warned us about fights we may experience in our country and we experience xenophobic attacks and social unrest of free Zuma. He also warned us about this disease of the covid-19 virus, and here we are experiencing it.

Some of his prophecies come true but still, people find it hard to believe him because he is young and sometimes he is aggressive when talking to his followers. The young prophet called upon every who need to know his situation to drop his selfie on his Twitter account and he will pray for them. Many people have dropped their pictures at his Twitter account and he started praying for them, others already know what to do so that they can receive their blessings.

Young prophet Rhedabelihle is revealing everything that is restricting people's success. Most of the people he prophecies agreed to his prophecy as true. People are now flowing to him to hear their news and for blessings.

Rhedabelihle told Petro who send a selfie to him, that good things are coming to him, his ancestors have opened the hand of success, all that he needs to do is to use a white and yellow candle only for three days while praying at 3 am. His mother will bring good luck to him in a form of dreams.

Petro replied by saying ' i am so grateful king and I'm truly grateful for the message you were able to deliver to me(showing emotional emoji) I will do exactly what you told me, I've been waiting for this signal, I appreciate your spiritual teaching.

Rhadebelihle prophecies many people and most of the people he prophecies believe that good thing they're coming to them.

In your own opinion do you think Rhadebelihle is the real messenger from heaven?. Do you think those people will receive all those blessings they're looking for?. Do you also think Rhadebelihle is better than other pastors and fake prophets?.

Leave your thoughts about this matter, your opinion can help many people.

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