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Revealed: 3 Facts That Proves That Jesus May Be A Black Man

Since childhood, I've been perplexed as to why Jesus is constantly shown as a white guy, but Satan is always depicted as a black man. Taking my time and reading numerous books has prompted me to do so. Because no one has ever seen a photograph of Jesus Christ, I wondered how people came to the conclusion that he was a white guy throughout history. In this case, however, I am happy to report that I have discovered the genuine truth, which I will share with you. Consider reading this essay while holding your Bible. However, the Bible does give some detail about the appearance of Jesus Christ. For example, in Revelation 1:14-15, John describes Jesus' complexion as being darker in color and his hair as being completely white, as if it were wool from a lamb.

He characterized his eyes as a blazing fire and his feet as polished bronze in his description of his physical appearance.

Please have a look at the image below, which depicts how the description portrays him.

The image will be discussed next. The fact that John said that Jesus' skin tone was darker means that he is considered a black guy. His hair, feet, and other physical characteristics all point to his being a black guy, according to the descriptions.

It is important not to lose sight of the fact that Jesus is really an African because of what other people have said.

In light of this discovery, what do you think?

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