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God Is Limited By Little Requests; Today Ask Big Things From God

L"And whatever we ask of him, we receive, because we fulfill his laws and do what is pleasant in his sight." 1 John 3:22

We are to inquire until our delight is complete, as the Lord Jesus Christ commanded us (John 16:24). Many of us beg for crumbs because we lack faith in God's ability to provide our needs, and in doing so, we insult or dishonor God. Are you one of these individuals? God spoke to me about this matter while I was in my prayer room during one of our special programs. He reminded me of an incident that occurred several years prior, when I was in London preparing spiritual publications.

I still had three days till my flight was due after finishing it, but I was entirely out of money. Because the ticket I purchased for that trip was inexpensive, it did not allow for date changes. I believed I could spend three days without eating, but I couldn't avoid purchasing specific items, books, and CDs that I required. These would set me back £50, and I didn't have any. "Daddy, it would be great if I could get £50," I said. My phone rang shortly after, and I took it up.

"Biyi," said the person on the other end of the telephone. I informed him there was no one there with that name. "Is that not such and so number?" he inquired. As we conversed, he realized who I was and yelled. He excitedly called out to his brother, informing him that he was conversing with me. They had obviously been discussing how they could see me because I was now on the phone with them. They eventually came over, we talked, and they gave me £50 as they were leaving. "Daddy, if I had known it would be this easy, I would have asked for £100!" I exclaimed as soon as they departed.

As I walked upstairs in my apartment, I was overjoyed at the 50 pounds I had just received. The doorbell rang at that very moment, and then it rang again. It was already nighttime at this point. The person at the door had slid an envelope through the door into the room and gone before I arrived. I took it in my hands, opened it, and saw that it was from a man I had known for a long time. He was a tremendously wealthy man, but he was also extremely frugal. He'd never before given me a dime. There was £50 in the package, along with a note that said, "I just felt like sending you some money."

I told God as I walked towards my bedroom that if I had known this second £50 would arrive, I would have requested for another £50! Before I went to sleep that night, another £50 arrived. Then, fearful of offending God, I told Him I was joking and that I didn't want to offend Him. The Lord told me in my prayer room that I had been a foolish boy. "Why didn't you ask for £5000 if you asked for £50 and I could offer it?" When you ask, are you attempting to assist God in conserving His resources? He doesn't require your assistance! Make a big request! Don't put any restrictions on Him. Even if the world's over seven billion people asked God for everything, they would not be able to drain a single drop of His resources.

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