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Importance of knowing the difference between humanity and mental illness

Humanity and mental illness!

We are initiated into our spiritual identity some call it although these are two different things. This kickstarts a series of initiations until we are elders leading our own families within the clan identity.

Young brides enter an initiation into marital life. The marriages stages were an initiation that prepares a young woman mentally.

soulfully and physically for the role of woman and later healer . Likewise men have their ongoing rites of passage which is why life and all its events form as mentorship spaces in being healers.

Humanity it means it was easy to spot a child who shows signs of having outgrown a spiritual stage. To us this is an old soul with greater intention and calls for the family system to come together. because a child shows signs of the trouble or the wrestlessness)' that requires elder men and women to humble themselves in honor of this child. Life to us is a purposeful gift!

Humanity always embraces in times of evident crises whereas ubulungu separates because its rooted in me, myself, and I winning at all cost. It's strategy is an outsourcing of sorts.

Humanity is a mastery system of being that has sustained its people from external harm because at it's core is the spiritual 'Ma' and 'Ta' dual nature of life we believe birthes life! 

Whites labels it as madness. With that comes intellectual solutions as well as an encouragement to define the self as being depression, bipolar, schizophrenic etc. One is conditioned never know what to do with themselves and drowns in helplessness. All these conjure up a kind of negative and humiliating experience worthy to be embarrassed about.

Humanity on the other hand teaches that the world is mad. A person who is misaligned has gone to fetch their spark of life which they need beyond this moment. They require the collective to re-mind them because they have left the body to seek answers and wisdom beyond our limits by body? 

Ubulungu medicates within limits, humanity travels beyond physicality and within it's elder spiritual abilities that help with the sustainable living of all in mind, body, and soul.

So when all efforts to align a person within the home initiation system are exhausted, the tribe and beyond are sought through the mystery systems that all fall within one of the five nature spirit identities which are part of human being. 

Depending on how far one has travelled within the spirit existence, it used to be that a person would be declared as being 'ancestral and prophecy '. This meant one is within a perpetual dream state. They are sleeping!

The aim is to ensure that all existence in all it's forms must remind you, "You are loved both in the land of form as well as in the formless!"African considers you a genius.

In ancient times, sleeping beauty would fetch it's chosen and sometimes people would go for long periods and return with no one asking, because the system was able to track its people.

Elders and children below 7 were nearer towards sleeping beauty than anyone. Nowadays, assumptions are made influenced by ubulungu; people are pushed towards 'intsokoliso'. 

Religion has cut the ties of our spiritual ambilical cord because its rooted within the culture of ubulungu which is external to our nature even as it sounds to some like African.

It never pushes anyone towards their inner darkest part so that they fulfill the knowledge of self. It instead normalises the misalignment and harmonises the endless intellectual battle.

African pushes you towards that misalignment because to us . unless you meet your mark you cannot be effective as African. It is said that you are in sleep and must acquire all the blessings of the rising sun (not literal).

So it supports you and looks forward to the beauty you shall bring from the beautiful sleep . The drum reminds you that your rhythm should bring you to us and the sun as well as moon (not literal) must shine your path to our rhythmic home.

While all this is happening western life gives you names, ridicules you because you don't meet it's standards of existence within what African terms a 'mad world'. A world that suffocates our rhythm in order for it to feel superior and better. 

We are not mentally ill, we are soulfully pregnant in the beautiful land of deep vibrational and peaceful sleep. We lack elders with the art of bringing us home to deliver the fruits for peaceful for our suffering communities.

we are greater beauty!. we are the masters of soul rhythm). when we show up, the ancients rejoice. we enter the darkness and bring forth a the spark of life. we are rainmakers, nourishing dry lands.

We are tried and tested. We don't believe, we know! We are children of promise. we are the Divine Mystery in flesh for God is within.

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