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PRAYER: Lord, Help Us To Wait Patently On You For Our Miracles

Each of those helpless people required a miracle of healing, but they would all have to wait until an angel stirred the water before they had a chance for even one person to be healed. The principles of God never change. Every promise made by God is worthwhile. This is so that you would understand the warning in Hebrews 6:12: "That ye be not slothful, but followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises No matter how long you have waited on God, don't give up. Your patience will be rewarded.

The impotent man from today's reading spent 38 years enjoying himself by the pool. He didn't see any brothers, sisters, or friends coming to help. Thank God he did not give up on himself despite the fact that everyone, including his own family, had given up on him. He patiently awaited, confident that one day his time would come and that no matter how long he waited, it would never be in vain. His persistence paid off in the end, as the Master Himself intervened on his behalf and resolved the situation. What an honor!

Perhaps you have hoped and waited for something similar to this, but it has not materialized. Never quit up God will soon appear for you; the specified time for you will not be overrun. The Master will soon appear, and then it will be your turn. Let the mockers mock and the scorners scorn. Your waiting will never be in vain since that appointment, contract, marriage, pregnancy, promotion, admission, or whatever else you have been waiting for, will ultimately come. Amen

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