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Video:Thousands Of Shembe Congregants Gather In Durban CBD

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Shembe Church members embarked on a peaceful march today in Durban CBD as they delivered their memorandum to the premier's office, Sihle Zikalala.

Reports are mentioning that the church members were marching because of the court ruling because of the dictatorship around their new church leader.

The reports are saying that the church members are demanding that they must be the ones who will select their own leader.

It is also reported that the case is currently in court but there has been some negligence when it comes to this case and therefore the church members decided to take it on the streets.

The church members are demanding that King Mduduzi Shembe become their leader and be recognized as their leader.

Thousands of Shembe church members attended this march and this has since been the talking point today.

See the rest of the video here:

Many people raised concerns around the issue of Covid-19 as we are still facing a pandemic and we should never act as if the virus is no more.

Many people on the other hand have applauded the church members for taking things into the streets and also saying no to dictatorship.

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