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Here is the reason why the AmaBishop show reveals each others personal stuff on television

The AmaBishop show always reveals shocking news about pastors

They are helping people to be able to spot pastors who are not real in different churches. There are certain pastors who have not legally graduated to be pastors and have churches. These types of pastors are the ones who try so hard to make money, by telling you to pay them in order for them to pray for you. People of South Africa do not learn.

They are letting people to know why some churches have lots of members, what is the exact thing that calls people to these churches.

Some women end up being the victims of sexual harassment inside the churches where they are supposed to feel safe. Women and children are being abused, then men are becoming the victims of being of the pastors who are not real.

Why pastors always wants money, it is because they are running businesses through a church. There is a high unemployment rate in South Africa. This is a easy way for them to make money all over South Africa.

How these pastors ends up being charged with serious crimes in church, it is because women end up in depression and want to break free.

That is why they end up standing up for themselves by exposing fake pastors. Some women changed their sexuality because of how the pastors want them to be. Some of the pastors when they get arrested, they are being released because of the members of their church taking their sides.


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