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If You Are A Materialist, See The Danger You Are Exposing Yourself To

"Take attention, and beware of covetousness," he warned them, "because a man's life does not consist in the richness of his possessions." Luke 12:15

Read: Psalm 49:6-10

Materialists prioritise material riches and bodily comfort over spiritual virtues. The end justifies whatever tactics are used to acquire riches or possessions, according to a materialist. To collect wealth and obtain enormous possessions, materialists would deceive, steal, injure others, and even break God's laws.

Psalm 49:9 exposes one unreasonable and stupid confidence that is commonly expressed in regards to earthly money and things. This verse illustrates that individuals who believe in their wealth and boast in the abundance of their possessions always aspire to live forever and expect to be free of sickness, grief, anguish, oppression, accidents, and calamity. According to the Bible, a person's improper attitude toward riches and prosperity robs them of their dignity and reduces them to the level of beasts. The Bible also teaches that prosperity has its limits, particularly when it comes to the deeper desires of the soul, which are unaffected by material abundance.

Another unreasonable and dumb misunderstanding of human philosophy is the belief that a person's worth is determined by his or her earthly wealth and belongings. Materialists want to acquire wealth and goods at all costs and by all means possible based on this erroneous assumption. Meanwhile, the Bible informs us in Luke 12:15 that the value of a man's life is not measured by the quantity of his possessions. It is a fallacy to believe that riches has value in the afterlife.

This is why, in Mark 8:36-37, the Lord asks, "For what shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul?" What is a man willing to give in exchange for his soul?"

To avoid making the materialist's mistakes, we must provide honest responses to these issues. What will you surrender in return for your soul if you gain a world full of wealth and goods but lose your soul?

Be astute! The truth is already given in God's word: poverty is bad, prosperity is wonderful, but you must not pursue wealth and stuff to the point of losing your soul.

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