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Prophecy about Papa Guti exiting for eternity, it is time nothing can be done about it: Proph Fadzai

Professor, Dr, Apostle Ezekiel Guti is the founder of Zimbabwe alAssemblies of God which is abbreviated as ZAOGA Forward In Faith, this man of God is a remarkable man of God that is well known throughout Southern Africa and the world.

He is the man of God has worked for God with every fibre of his being, you know most of pastors when we look at this man of God, we ask God whether we have got to the ability or the Grace it takes for us to be able to do even a quarter of what this man of God has done.

This man of God is a great man, and his church is one of the biggest churches in Africa, not just in Africa I think also throughout the world. I know that a lot of people know Churches like the Full Gospel which was founded by the late Dr Paul Yonggi Cho, churches like the Synagogue Church Of All Nations, churches like Lakewood Church, churches like Zion Christian Church and many other big ones.

I still believe that ZOOGA is the biggest because they have more than 100 000 branches throughout the world. They are also in every nation. They don't just gather but they build places of worship. I think this is how we should measure the capacity of the church.

Many churches we consider big have got no branches. If they will have to split in small branches, they might not be that big anymore.

Imagine if the ZOOGA Foward In Faith can gather at one place, there will be no stadium to accommodate them. The man of God we are talking about here has worked hard for God. He has produced many pastors, bishops, apostles, evangelists and prophets.

He is almost 100 years old now. This man of God prophet Fadzai said, "he saw a great man of God in Zimbabwe wearing a white robe, he was waving his hand at him like he was saying goodbye. In his description he said, this is an old great man of God. The man who have served God whole heatedly, we are not praying for life but we are praying for his assignment to be sustained, prophet Fadzai said! Because after he is gone, there will be division and fight for power. May the Lord appoint the suitable successor to take the work forward.

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