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Mothers And Fathers, Maintain A Responsible Parenthood By Raising Your Kids Spiritually

What caused the children of Israel to return to their previous sins? Is it because they lack a leader who can guide them to God, or is it because they have lost touch with God? This is the current situation of many Christians and nations who have repented and been filled with the Holy Spirit over a long period of time. They are currently adrift in an ocean of sin, with nowhere to go but down.

Weeping and mourning are appropriate responses to what is taking place in the United Kingdom, which received the gospel many years ago and has sent missionaries all over the world, including to Africa. Imagine that Christian churches in the United Kingdom are being sold to Muslims under the supervision of Christian leaders, and that the Muslims have converted the churches into mosques, and that their religion is growing rapidly in the face of terrorism around the world.

Where have all of those Christians and their leaders vanished to? What exactly went wrong? What is it that they are doing that is so evil time and time again? Do you have a hand in nefarious activities? Your deliverance will be into the hands of Satan and unbelievers, who will enslave you and deal with you in various ways. You'd be wise to repent right away and seek God when He is most likely to be found. God has always had men and women who will not bow down to idols or evil in the midst of a hostile environment.

He told Elijah, who was crying, that all of God's prophets had been killed and that only he remained, despite the fact that there were hundreds of people who had not bowed to Baal. It all boils down to this: can you be counted among those who will uphold righteousness in the midst of a corrupt society? Will God find you faithful enough to use you to restore His glory to the land that He has promised you? He will always use man to solve human problems, no matter how difficult the situation appears to be.

Will you put yourself in a position where you can be used by God to do good works in your family, church, and community?

Despite the fact that they were barren, Manoah and his wife were found worthy of bearing a child who would deliver Israel from their oppressors, according to Judges 13:1-25. Despite the fact that they were barren, their devotion to God did not waver. What are we witnessing today? Some Christians are thrown out of the faith because of a minor challenge involving a lack of this or that. I'm not aware of any difficulties you've encountered.

Keep in mind that whoever falls during times of adversity has a limited amount of strength. It is my prayer that we never allow life's challenges to overwhelm us because God has a schedule for everyone. During the pregnancy of this special child, Manoah's wife, on the other hand, is not allowed to consume strong drinks, alcohol, or eat anything that is considered unclean. God has predestined the child to be a Nazarite from the moment of conception.

As a result, God has created us to be who we will be from the moment we are conceived. You should only live to see your destiny through. The Angel appeared to the woman first and delivered the message of Samson's birth to her, in contrast to Zechariah, with whom the Angel first appeared and delivered his own message of John the baptist's birth to him. God works in a variety of ways, and His wonders continue to be performed.

The woman, whose identity has not been revealed, later informed her husband, Manoah, who prayed to God to resend the Angel to provide further clarification, and God responded.

The task of raising children is a collective responsibility shared by both parents and should not be placed in the hands of a single individual. How many years have you gone without bearing children, without a wife or husband, without money, without a job, without a business, or without any of the good things in life? As long as you remain steadfast in your relationship with God, He will pay you a visit during this month.

You are on the verge of experiencing a miracle. Avoid losing hope like Manoah that you will die before receiving your miracle; instead, be encouraged like the wife that God will bring about the completion of what you are seeking in your life.

Whatever sacrifice you are willing to make for the Lord in exchange for this good news that you have received, please do so for His glory. The ninth month is a month of completion, completion, and completion, as well as the month of delivery. God will certainly carry out His promise to you, just as He did with Samson when he was born.

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