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If you don’t have this, you are not a Christian

If you don’t have this, you are not a Christian

Popular teacher and pastor, Andrew Wommack tells us that one of the greatest benefits of our salvation is hearing God speaking to us personally, without which we cannot have intimate relationship with God.

The Lord Jesus himself hinted on this in his teaching as to the need for us to attain the level of manifestation where we can hear God. He said in John chapter 10, “I know my sheep, my sheep know me and hears my voice.”

Given this statement by the Lord, it is an expected reality for every Christian to know the Lord and to have the ability to hear him for themselves, not through other men no matter how highly placed they may be. On the flipside, if you do not know his voice or can’t hear his voice, you are not one of his sheep.

Our lifetime walk or relationship with God must start and continue till end with hearing God. It then becomes a problem if a Christian is not hearing God regularly as he or she ought to. Yet, there is no way one can hear God, if one does not carry the nature of God.

When the inner man grows, the ma becomes a priest of and to God and also to his environment because he carries within him an apparatus with which he can hear God. A so-called Christian who fails to develop or mature to the point of hearing God will end up following rubbish.

This is the tragedy of the modern Christians, Christianity and church that people depend on others to hear God for them. They even pay for it as a service. 

A church should be a place where the inner man of every Christian is helped to grow. It should not be a social gathering that it is fast becoming and many Christians do not even know what it means to be a Christian. For if the inner man doesn’t grow, a Christian becomes just member of an association. 

How do one know and hear voice? Train your spiritual ears by reading the word of God daily. Have a consistent prayer life. With these, you are on already on your way.


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