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"See" why Sea salt does not work when you Cast out Spirits Partner (Tokoloshe)

Once upon a time we used to use sea salt to cast the spell of the Spiritual partners which is Tokoloshe but recently this thing of using sea salt doesn't work .

The thing that makes it not work is that the witches already know that we use salt to cast out spiritual partners, so there is something you need to know, the enemy uses what you are treating them with to bewitch you, that's why you say you should use it and it doesn't work.

So if you want what you are using to work, you must use it again and pray because prayer is so powerful that it can make thr witchcraft not see you if they are trying to bewitch you or put spiritual partners in you.

So if you use salt to pick up Tikoloshe, I urge you to pray when you bathe with it or when you put it under your pillow, pray by doing so you will be protected.

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