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The Billionaire pastors: Meet the Top 5 Richest Pastors in South Africa

South Africa's Wealthiest Ministers

Alph Lukau, Shepherd Bushiri, and Uebert Angel are few names that come to mind when thinking of the wealthiest pastors in South Africa. You are correct in thinking that these folks are some of the wealthiest preachers in South Africa. Most of South Africa's and Africa's wealthiest pastors are self-made guys who once lived in poverty.

This is counter to the traditional role of pastors. Pastors used to be seen as the ones who lived the most ordinary lives. That, however, was in the past. In today's society, many ministers are multimillionaires or even billionaires. It is important to note that for some of these people, church ownership is not a primary means of financial support. Keep reading to learn more.

South Africa's Wealthiest Pastors

This article details the wealth and income streams of the five wealthiest pastors in South Africa. The top five wealthiest pastors in South Africa are as follows:

Author: Alph Lukau, a Pastor

A Prophecy from Shepherd Bushiri

Angel Uebert, Prophet

Dr. Ray McCauley, Pastor

Reverend Irene Tshifinwa

Here's the skinny on the pastors' multimillion dollar bank accounts.

First, we have Pastor Alph Lukau

Earnings: $1 Billion

Alleluia Ministries International, A Church, Is Currently Ranked First Among Religious Organizations Worldwide.

There Are Other Ways to Make Money, Like Being on TV, Writing Books, or Posting Videos on YouTube

A sermon by Pastor Alph Lukau of Alleluia Ministries International (AMI).

Alph Lukau is reported to have a net worth of $1 billion by many online sources. If this is true, he would be the wealthiest pastor in Africa, and possibly the world. He started the Alleluia Ministries International church in 2002 and serves as its general overseer.

The church now has locations all over the world, including the Congo, Zambia, Namibia, and Angola. He also oversees satellite congregations in South America and Europe. He is the proprietor of the AMI TV network and operates as a televised evangelist. Tens of thousands of people throughout the world look to him as a spiritual guide and author.

Pastor Alph Lukau has amassed millions of views on his videos on YouTube. The miracles and prophecies that emanate from his church and channel have garnered them widespread acclaim. It's been debated whether or not Pastor Alph Lukau actually performed any miracles. For him, the resurrection controversy of 2019 is among the top miracle scandals of all time.

Pastor Shepheard Bushiri, Number Two

A Net Worth of $150 Million

Religious Organization for Enlightened Christians

Place: 2nd

Hotels, motels, telecoms, and land development all contribute to the economy.

South Africa has suspended officials over the fugitive prophet Shepherd Bushiri. BBC News Pidgin: Preacher Bushiri says, "mata"

A $150 million fortune is at the disposal of prophet Shepherd Bushiri. He founded Enlightened Christian Gathering and now leads the congregation as its senior pastor. The membership of his church is rapidly expanding, making it one of the fastest-growing in the world. One of the wealthiest preachers in the world, Bushiri hails from Africa.

Among his many business holdings include a television network, farms, real estate ventures, and a number of telecoms firms. He is one of those poor pastors who moved from Malawi to South Africa in search of better opportunities. Bushiri is mired in numerous disputes. Some sources claim that his real name is not Shepherd Bushiri but rather Chipiliro Gama.

Bushiri is currently on the run in Malawi. After realizing that his and his wife's lives were in danger, he fled South Africa in defiance of a court order. Eight counts of rape, two of money laundering, and two of fraud have been filed against him. Although he is currently involved in legal proceedings, his YouTube church service continues to operate normally.

The Three Billion Dollar Prophet Uebert Angel Net Worth

The Third-Place Church, the Good News Church

Real estate, the Angel Organization, and an online Bible school are among the other means by which the author supports himself and his family.

Uebert Angel's Official Website - The Good News Church (Spirit Embassy) and Uebert Angel Ministries would like to thank you for visiting their official website and online store.

Prophet Uebert Angel's net worth is projected to be in the range of $100 million. He established the Spirit Embassy. Uebert Angel is a well-known pastor, but he is also respected for his business sense. Spirit Embassy is the name he chose for his church in 2007. In 2015, however, he rebranded his organization as Good News Church, and his mission is now known as Spirit Embassy.

He is active in real estate and founded The Millionaire Academy, a school where students learn to become financially successful. In addition to leading Brits Bank and Atom Mobile, he oversees all of his holdings as head of The Angel Organisation. Osborn Institute of Theology is a Christian Bible college that was created in 2012, and Uebert Angel serves as its president.

4 - Pastor Ray McCauley

With a $29 Million Net Worth

Rhema Bible Church — Rank #4

Other Ways to Make Money: Sermons on YouTube by Pastor Ray McCauley, Author

Former Senior Pastor Ray McCauley now serves as pastor of Rhema Bible Church. A $29 million fortune is estimated for him. He led the International Council of Christian Churches and also oversaw the South African National Interfaith Council.

After attending Rhema Bible Training Center from 1978 to 1979, Ray McCauley established Rhema Bible Church in South Africa. It's crucial to remember that Kenneth Hagin founded Rhema Bible Training Center. Rhema Bible Church was founded in the home of Pastor Ray's parents, Jimmy and Doreen McCauley.

Because of the growth, the congregation outgrew its original home and was forced to move to a larger venue, an auditorium in Randburg, Johannesburg that could seat 5,000 people.

With 45,000 attendees, Rhema Bible Church is the largest church in South Africa, and its pastor is one of the country's wealthiest people.

He also writes books and does televised sermons.

Concerns have been raised about Ray McCauley's lavish spending and his ties to the controversial African National Congress (ANC).

Fifth, Angus Buchan, a farmer

Between $1,000,000 and $1,900,000.

Shalom Ministries, a place of worship

We're in the fifth spot.

Extra Money From Other Places: Angus Buchan and Tara Royer Steele, "Jesus Calling," are featured in the documentary "Agriculture: Moving On and Starting Over."

Scottish Zimbabwean farmer Angus Buchan is reported to be worth between $1 million and $1.9 million. To fulfill his dream of spreading the Gospel across Africa, he established Shalom Ministries in 1980.

He worked as a farmer and livestock raiser before deciding to become a priest. When Angus decided to devote his life to the ministry, he left his sons in charge of the family farm. Angus Buchan's life is dedicated to evangelism, and he continues to give talks all around the world. He started a prayer gathering in Bloemfontein in April of 2017 and by the end of 2018, it had as many as a million participants.

Like the other pastors on this list, Angus Buchan has been the subject of criticism. His views on the rights of LGBTQ people and gender equality are at the center of one of these disagreements. He thinks members in the LGBTQ community need medical attention because they are sick.

The five wealthiest pastors in South Africa are profiled at

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