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Zimbabwean pastor promises to show followers how they can get rich but they will have to pay him

Last week internet was buzzing after the bill which was trending on social media showing that the well known Zimbabwean pastor who's running a church in South Africa had spent 1.3 million at Pretoria nightclub.

Many developed questions on how the person can spend so much money in one night. Others were caught ofd guard when they learn that the whole money was spent in the night club by a pastor, what was he doing there.

It has been reported on the 16th of this month that the Zimbabwean pastor Passion Java, who likes to be paid for his prayers, promises to show followers how they too can get rich like him but they must pay him first.

This is unbelievable, why dont6he teach them free since he has money and he knows ways to generate money, instead of milking it out to what he called "his people".

This might be another pyramid scheme which pastor Passion Java wants to make himself money.


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