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A Sangoma Revealed How to Send Back Evil Attacks From Your Enemies. This Is How They Do It

In case you are a profound individual or part of an otherworldly association, quite possibly you were once assaulted in a genuine way by your foes, the vast majority like to call this black magic. Sangomas, ZCC prophets, Apostle prophets and other Zion church prophets can assist you with obliterating these sorts of things from occurring. A portion of these individuals can likewise return those things to the individual who sent it. You may have heard these words "back to the sender" from a many individuals, even famous prophets, ministers, and priests use it. It is a method of sending those malevolent things to the individual who needed to assault you.

Did you realize you can play out this interaction without help from anyone else? On the off chance that you didn't have the foggiest idea, continue to peruse this article to discover. I will show how this interaction is performed and every one of the fixings you need


Four fixings are required for this cycle. These fixings are as per the following

- 1.25 liter Coke

- Snuff

- 7 needles

- 7 candles

Interaction of performing it

I will make an honest effort to improve on the guidelines which were shared via online media, I will likewise connect screen captures of the real directions which were posted underneath. You can likewise tap on the reference interface at the lower part of this article for greater lucidity.

You will begin this cycle with the seven white candles and the coke, you should utilize these candles and coke in your three days petition. The supplication ought to be done in the night for three days. You should open the coke and hold it when you implore, in your supplication you will express the entirety of your concerns that you need to be settled, additionally petition God for malicious assaults from your foes to be broken.

On the last day of the supplication, you should take the needles and put them inside the coke bottle individually while you are saying anything you desire in your life. After you are finished with that, you will then, at that point, take one spoon of snuff and put it inside the coke while you are caught up with asking your predecessors for all that you need. On the initial two days, you will wind down the light in the wake of asking, however on the last day, you will allow them to consume totally. After all the previously mentioned is finished, your will then, at that point, take the container of coke and go to the close to backwoods and crush it on the stone. This cycle ought to be performed somewhere in the range of 6pm and 6am. From that point forward, you will then, at that point, return home without thinking back.


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