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Can someone be a witch without being aware? (OPINION)

I have seen instances when someone is being accused of being a witch, the person will sincerely deny being a witch. But subsequent happenings will show he or she is the cause of some misfortunes although he or she may not seem to be aware. Is it possible for somebody to spiritually ravage another person's life without being aware he or she is doing so?

Most of them are not really aware even though their soul due travels at night to the middle of the earth, but they won’t remember anything when they wake up. If you ever offend such persons or try to treat them badly, their inner evil will deal with you even without their consent. Witchcraft is often directly connected with dreams, but it is different from dreams.

When we are talking about a witch, we are not talking about the satan-worshipping, stereotypical witches made popular by mainstream movies. Witches are nature-loving and are known to have wisdom beyond time.

Most people think that witches are a Christian invention, but the idea of the witch who flies in the night and draws power from dark cosmic forces to work her ill will on others pre-dates Christianity, probably by many centuries.

The person who created and positioned the pentagram saw this as a meaningful practice. However, the typical Western materialist would struggle to make sense of this occurrence and would therefore be inclined to ignore it. Yet to an African visitor from South Africa, where at least 80 per cent of Africans consult sangomas periodically, and where there are an estimated 350,000 such ‘healers’, the incident would probably make sense and might even seem unremarkable. In contrast, some Christians might display a healthy wariness, whilst organisations such as Amnesty International and UNICEF would reject any suspicion of witchcraft because, in their view, witchcraft does not exist.

Witchcraft does exist, but someone cannot be a witch without being aware. He/she can only be used by the people who master witchcraft.

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