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OPINION| Mathew 12:26 Clarifies Everything That TB Joshua's Church Is Divided And Can Never Unite?

Matthew 12:26 is a verse that really shows that God is a father of unity not division. The verse clarifies that if Satan fights himself how can he stand strong or if a church fights itself can it stand, unless unity is encouraged the church or government will fall. If a church finds itself in a state of fighting as people we have to know that God is not there at all. And this shows that the church was built on money and success upon worldly things. If the church was built on Jesus Christ's ethics all this fightings could not be there. What people don't know is that the church was supposed to be leaded by Jesus Christ only according to clear verses on the book of Matthew 23:9-12.

Jesus Christ said to his disciples that there is no other leader in his congregation that the only leader is him Jesus only. He further said no one should be called a father except his beloved father in heaven. But we see Christians doing the opposite. They are calling worldly church leaders fathers and papa's yet that respect if For father of Jesus only. He futher said people who put themselves up will be humbled and those who humbled themselves will be exalted.

Churches are falling and dividing this days because of leaders putting themselves in higher positions to the point of being seen as gods and fathers as they accumulate tithing. Already Synagogue Church Of Nations have members that are calling themselves Global Church Of Nations which shows that some one is leading them for a new church.

Then how will Evelyn Joshua unite the church in this situation. To my opinion I only see a division which is based on wealth generated by the church. In other words the factions are looking for their share of the pie.


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