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Zekhethelo marry her brother

Her brother, Zekhethelo, marries her.

The new pastor of KwaMashu Kingdom Church is making ripples in the community and is ready to make a huge difference in the lives of those who live nearby. Zekhethelo was the one who had his heart stolen from him. The church ladies are upset, and they've tried to reason with the pastor, but he's told them that he's aware of Zekhethelo's previous actions. At first, we were concerned that he would fall for Mamlambo.

The most significant issue is the fact that Pastor Sambulo is Nkunzi's long-lost son. It suggests that they are somehow linked. He'll find out on their wedding day, which will be a surprise for him. He will abandon Zekhethelo at the alter.

Despite the fact that Nosipho is trying to achieve something for herself, she appears to have stepped on someone's toes.

Sibonelo is hard at work concocting his 'Iswidi' drink, which he plans to sell right in front of Nkunzi's eyes.

Here are some photographs from Instagram.

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