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I Asked God to Bless Me With 1 Disabled Child But He Gave Me 44 Disabled Children: Woman cries

A woman who didn't really think about having children for five years during her marriage prayed to God for at least one crippled child.

But instead she was given 44 Disabled children on

She gave birth to three children but all of them where crippled and she later invited more handicapped children from the village to come live with her.

She faced criticism over her decision and people thought she was crazy and chased her away. Her in laws didn't agree with her decision that didn't stop her. People started bring their handicapped kids to her, she created a safe environment for them she educated them ,fed them, taught them because she is licensed teacher.

She is currently responsible for 44 handicapped children, she stated that caring for them has become difficult, but she chose this so it's her responsibility.

She is happy with her decision

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