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The Sign Still Follow; Try And See

"And he dispatched them to proclaim the gospel of God and to heal the sick" Luke 9:2.

Some of the miraculous occurrences stated in Mark 16:16-18 are among the many privileges that believers in Christ experience as part of their legacy in God's kingdom. Unfortunately, several Christians today are unaware of these advantages! Why is this the case? The answer can be found by carefully studying Mark 16:16-18. You must have been baptized into Jesus Christ as the first key to unlocking these miraculous signs.

What exactly does this imply? It means you must have accepted Christ into your life by believing in Him and confessing it with your tongue. You must also have identified yourself as a member of His camp, and most significantly, you must have built a relationship with Him that has resulted in a lasting transformation in your life. That is what being baptized into Christ entails.

It goes deeper than merely acknowledging Him as Lord and Savior on a surface basis. “For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ,” the Holy Spirit states in Galatians 3:27. Baptism into Christ entails putting on Jesus Christ as a clothing. Clothing can be used to identify a person. Is there a permanent change in you if you claim to have been baptized into Christ?

Do people associate you with the person of Jesus Christ when they notice you? It was remarked that the disciples were with Jesus without them expressing it. Is this true for you (Acts 4:13)? The next step in unlocking the manifestation of miraculous signs is to believe in and use the power of Jesus' name (Acts 3:16). Other names have been invented, but the Name of Jesus Christ is the only one that is acknowledged and obeyed in both heaven and hell (Acts 4:10, Philippians 2:9-11).

Furthermore, Jesus stated that Christians would talk in new tongues. Some individuals nowadays do not believe that believers who have been baptized in the Holy Spirit may still talk in new tongues. They don't bother seeking the baptism of the Holy Spirit because they feel the days of speaking in tongues are over. Such people deprive themselves of the divine force they require to defeat the devil and his servants, making them vulnerable to the perils of these perilous times.

If they had just believed, they would not only have received divine healing and health, but they would also have been divine healers. However, unbelief negates all of these advantages! One can attend church for many years and still be an unbeliever, beloved of God. “The hood does not create the priest,” as the ancient English proverb goes. As a result, I encourage you to be a practical believer today, and in Jesus' Name, all of the signs described in Mark 16:16-18 will be your portion.

Have you been baptized into Christ, beloved? Do you believe in and employ the power of Jesus' name? Have you reaped the benefits of praying in the Holy Spirit? Today, take a look at yourself.

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