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"All Afrikan Muslims and Christians are Backsliders to their African cultures, Come back (Maphonga)

Here is another man that has taken a route of the lost, he is the one that has backslided from the way of the truth, and he is calling the people that are following the way that, they are big backsliders.

This man is now going to a point of no return. He is busy leading his soul to hell, but unfortunately he is doing that to other people. He is going with other people, he is leading other people's souls to hell. Those that choose to believe him, those that see this man's backsliding as illumination.

This man of God was a very powerful man, who would preach the word of Christ and interpret the scriptures the way that nobody else could, but now he is now twisted. He is now been led astray, he allowed his wisdom to make him deviate from God. How we pray for mercy over his life

"All Afrikan Muslims and Christians are Backsliders to their Afrikan cultures!.... Come back!"

~Maponga Joshua III

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