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Follow your ancestors footprints when you are the chosen one

We need not worry ourselves about the evil plans against us as the power of our Ancestors upon us is mightier and we shall conquer it all!

Sometimes people are not talking to you and are just talking about you!ancestors can always guide you on doing the right thing.aslong you will listen to their teachings and do what they ask you to do.

If you are going to respond to every dog bucking at you, you won't reach where you are meant to reach and we need to learn not to waste our time on things that will not get us anywhere!

Respect your ancestors presence all the time.and respect their doings.but be ready for the challenges and facing of hardships in your life.

We need to learn to invest our time and energy on things that will get us somewhere! One thing you must know is that dogs never buck a stationery car and always buck at a moving one!

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