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Dear Christians, Let There Be No Division In The Church Of God

Some may be "in Christ" but not spiritually mature. This sanctification process was mentioned earlier and is vital for believers to grasp. We are made righteous before God when we fully submit to Christ, but we must continue to grow in holiness and move out of our carnality. We will have access to the Holy Spirit when we truly surrender, but we will still be full of worldliness and carnality. We will be transformed into new creatures, empowered by the Holy Spirit.

We can have Christ's mind if we choose, but just as our bodies need healing, so do our minds and spirits. Only by surrendering to Holy Spirit and allowing Him to separate us from worldly ideas and mindsets can we mature and properly understand God's Word. What can be discerned spiritually We must be patient with new believers who lack discernment. And not all long-time believers are more holy! Some of them never grow up, using their flesh and worldliness in their "worship" and teaching for decades.

Human interpretation, wisdom, and teaching are easy for babies in Christ (of all ages). There are so many examples in today's churches that I won't even mention them all. Think of Calvinism vs Arminianism. Many revere Luther, Spurgeon, Moody, Wesley, or another early leader of their faith. Remember that none of these teachers are Christ. They all failed in key areas of doctrine or living. This is not to diminish their legacy or teaching, as they all helped bring the Gospel to people in their time and today.

But we must never allow the church to be divided over these or other men's teachings. It has become clear to me that God gives spiritual understanding to His children who are ready to receive it. The true body of Christ may include teachings from various sources. As long as we never teach anything other than Christ's gospel, we can use our personality, history, beliefs, and traditions to reach those outside the church. God is in control. We must always put Him first. We must listen to Him through His Spirit, which is the inner voice of God, not the mouth of man. And read His Word, guided by this voice. We must always run new "truth" through the "Holy Spirit filter" rather than letting it enter our minds unchallenged!

Finally, not all religious or religious person divisions are bad. God knows He has led some people away from apostate or heretical churches. He knows when a church turns away from God and instead follows Satan or man. Even in the true Church, splitting up isn't bad. Not all teaching is suitable for all ages and stages.

We must pray for anyone we believe is outside God's will. The only thing we can hope for is that those we lead will not allow us to lead them away from the Truth of Christ and His cross. It is not of God and will hinder His Church if done. But we cannot force others to think like us or listen to us if God is leading them differently. We can only pray for God's guidance and wisdom for all of His people and be ready to listen to Him.

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