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Top Celebrities Who Proudly Don't Believe In God. No:4 Denounced Her Christianity At 16

As a human being on earth everyone is entitled to certain rights and the right to fellowship and religion is one of the fundamental mental human rights of every person on earth. While most celebrities have their different places of worship, some others are atheist and don't believe in anything called god.

Some others of these celebrities never believed at all, while some exchanged their beliefs for fame. To each his or her own! Knowing which famous people are atheists or agnostics may surprise you, but it shouldn't alter how you feel about them. Personal convictions are exactly that—PERSONAL!

Of course, not all of these celebrities are agnostics in the strictest sense. Others choose to hold spiritual (but nonreligious) beliefs that could be characterized as a nontraditional interpretation of a higher power. Some people are agnostic. While some people keep their religious affiliations a secret, others are very outspoken about their views on religion and God. This is a very intimate, inside look at some of our favorite celebrities, for better or worse. They should be able to articulate their belief systems in their own terms.

Perry, Katy

In a Christian household, Katy Perry was raised. The family frequently attended church because Katy's father was a preacher. In Nashville, Katy cut an album in pursuit of her dream of becoming a gospel singer. At the age of 17, Katy moved to Los Angeles to further her Hollywood career. She rose to fame in 2008 thanks to the contentious song "I Kissed a Girl." Since then, Katy has made no secret of her contempt for Christianity, telling Marie Claire in 2013 that she doesn't believe in heaven, hell, or an elderly man sitting on a throne. "Being accountable to a higher power keeps me honest," Despite being disappointed that she has abandoned her faith, her parents ask Christians to pray for Katy.

John C. Reilly

Reeves admitted to still being an atheist in 2005 but claimed that he was changing his views on religion as a result of a movie that had made him less skeptical of Heaven and Hell. This occurred when the actor was promoting the religious movie Constantine.

Angelina Jolie

We have always been surprised by Angelina's unconventional decisions. Angelina, a former UN ambassador, aids the destitute. Angelina believes in humans, not God. For some, she said. They deserve it. If you believe, yes. Forget about God. Humans are spiritual and divine-like. I don't want to do things because other people tell me to, but I'm not sure if not believing in anything is better. It will be interesting to see if they bring up their children as atheists as Brad Pitt is also an atheist.

A. M. Heard

Amber Heard was brought up Catholic, but she quit at the age of 16. The actress discovered she was on her own after learning a buddy had died in a car accident and that tomorrow wasn't certain. she does now

Despite claims to the contrary, Amber Heard does not believe in God. She arrived at a 2019 meeting with Richard Dawkins sporting a "Atheist AF" t-shirt. In April 2008, Heard stated to Missbehave, "I am well-versed in Christianity, especially Catholicism. My schooling has taught me that you have to be crazy to think that. s.rds.


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