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Prayer: Dear Father, Let Your Light Shine Through Me To The Whole World

"The eye is the light of the body; thus, if thy eye is single, thy whole body will be full of light." Matthew 6:22

Read: James 1:17-22

When you consider the order of creation in Genesis 1:1-3 and the prominence given to light, you'll see that one of God's favorite things is when His children shine. We are expected to shine as lights. Are you a bright spot in your family, workplace, church, community, town, state, province, or country? Is it possible for the Almighty God to view you as light no matter where you are? In Jesus' name, may you never let the Lord down. Abraham was one of those who shone as a beacon to the world. God could vouch for him because his light was so bright.

"For I know him, that he will lead his children and his family after him, and they shall observe the way of the LORD, to do justice and judgment, that the LORD may bring upon Abraham that which he has foretold of him," reads Genesis 18:19.

Is it possible for God to vouch for you? Is it possible for God to regard you as a source of light in the midst of darkness? What is the brightness of your light? What percentage of God's light do you radiate at your workplace, church, or wherever you are in the world? "Let your light so shine before others," Jesus said in Matthew 5:16, "that they may see your good works and praise your Father who is in heaven."

Soul-winning is one of the ways to stand apart. This is the primary responsibility of all believers. To shine, we must make soul-winning a constant practice until Jesus returns in strength and glory (Acts 1:6-8, 2 Timothy 4:5). By preaching the gospel through witnessing and tract distribution, you can fulfill the mission to gain souls. To avoid losing souls, they must be prayed for and followed up on on a regular basis (John 15:16).

You can also shine as a light by helping those who are less fortunate (Matthew 25:41-45). To keep your light going, you'll need to refuel (Isaiah 40:31). To do so, you must be familiar with God's word. Make time to read, study, and practice the language. Listen to the sermons of God's anointed and seasoned men. On a daily basis, devote time to worship, prayer, thanksgiving, and intercession.

In order to shine, we should also avoid pollution. Our light may be contaminated. The majority of the time, it is weight that pollutes our light. Sin is the weight that can contaminate our light and render it ineffective. Gluttony, exaggeration, hatred, variance, rage, strife, envying, and drunkenness, among other sins, can dirty our light and prevent us from shining. Identify all sins that have the potential to contaminate your light, confess them to God, repent, and alter your ways. It's now or never for you to shine.

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