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With all due respect Masechaba did not speak well of Ntate Shai

I understand the reason why Shai killed himself sometimes we put ourselves in people's shoes and forget that we have our plates too filled with all sorts of challenges, we even forget to ask help playing super woman worse when you don't have credentials to render the service. God is the author of everything if we can learn to return to him and stop to act on his behalf, we can be a better nation. We need to understand that even a superman needs a shoulder to cry on every now and then, no one is immune to pain no matter how strong they are his wife stated what he went through emotionally and didn't blame Casper, hope the rest of the country will leave this young man alone now before he too slip into depression

This lady spoke a lot I was wondering if she was the widow or not? I guess she was pouring her heart out, she was given the platform to me she sounded like she is a victim of his previous spousal abuse, and he did go public about it so there are no secrets

This is what Masechaba said today at the memorial service she told her kids not to listen to what the world says about their father :

“My kids, don't take serious what people say about your father because you know him. He was no saint. I am not a saint and you are also not innocent but still, he was a human being. South Africa, let us forgive because God forgives all of us all the time. “I am humbled by the support and love that you have been giving us. Patrick behaved like a child and my job was to ground him Iwant to say all of you judging him, you need to start judging yourself first this pain is very deep for my kids, for my grandkids it is so deep. He carried us as we were not perfect and he was not perfect all the challenges affect all of us, he faced all those challenges.”

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Masechaba Shai


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