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OPINION : Why you need to get closer to God.

Recent happenings in the world has made it clear is that the world is no longer a beautiful place . Going by the high rates of murders, kidnapping ,job losses, wars, plagues , diseases,etc we do not need a prophet to tell us that these are not ordinary happenings .

Its a clear sign that the devil is gaining control of the hearts of men. People no longer find it bad to do crime and as a matter of fact if you do good deeds in this age you are seen as a fool.

There's just too much problems in the world today that it makes it difficult for you to focus on God your creator. Today I am here to tell you not to take your heart of God irrespective of whatever problems you might be facing right now.

Of what importance is a cell phone once it's out of it's network coverage area ? My dear brothers and sisters please let us stick with God at this very hard time he will definitely see us through.

Thanks for reading !

Have a blessed day !!

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