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It Doesn't Matter, Go Ahead And Achieve Your Goals

“Let all souls submit to the greater forces. For there is no power other than God's: the powers that be are God's ordained.” Romans 13:1 

Healing brings low and raises up; the Lord makes impoverished and makes rich. He raises the poor from the dust, and the beggar from the dunghill, to place them among rulers, and to give them the seat of glory: for the earth's pillars are the Lord's, and He has established the world upon them. 2 Samuel 2:18–19. We can see from this verse that no one achieves a position of leadership without God's help.

As a result, when God decides to promote or enthrone you, nothing can halt your Divine Elevation, regardless of your background. Esther's case comes to mind immediately in this regard.

Only heavenly elevation could elevate a slave girl like her to the position of first lady. This is also proven in Joseph's life: a slave kid who was imprisoned ascended to become the second in command of a world empire. We must analyze the elements that worked against Joseph in order to appreciate what God achieved in his life.

He was not only a foreigner, but also a slave and a prisoner, with an attempted rape case hanging over his head. Only God could have made his long-awaited hopes come true in such a distant nation. In the Name of Jesus, I prophesy to you today that you will achieve your objective regardless of your family, educational, or socioeconomic background.

The narrative of Joseph's ascension can teach us a few things. The Lord first caused Pharaoh to realize Joseph's gift of the Holy Spirit. Considering Egypt's history as a center for astrologers and magicians. If it hadn't been for God's intervention, Pharaoh might have questioned the veracity or genuineness of Joseph's interpretation and advice.

Second, Joseph would not have been entrusted with such tremendous responsibilities if age had been a concern. In fact, Pharaoh's decision to hand over his people and entire domain to a total stranger indicates that Joseph had gained unusual favor in his eyes. He awoke as a slave kid and went to bed as Egypt's Prime Minister on that incredible day.

All of this was made possible by the presence of the Lord. Beloved, the Lord is asking you to cease looking at your past as a roadblock to your upward mobility in life. This season, he will give you a pleasant surprise. And those who look down on you will begin to look up to you, just as Joseph did in Jesus' Name.

In the Name of Jesus, I believe Your Word today, and I declare that my background will not hinder my greatness in life.

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